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NewsWatch Moving Forward by Doing What They Know Best

November 16, 2018 by Posted in: Site

Anyone who worked for Avanca, which is the company that invented the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC, realized that they needed an extra push when it came to advertising. So to make sure that the 30 day goal set at $10,000 was reached Avanca, signed up with NewsWatch. NewsWatch is known for doing segments that reach viewers on television and online. Though NewsWatch TV Reviews are typically one minute segments, the segments are powerful and informative. While moving forward with their Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo, Avanca knew they were making the right choice by adding NewsWatch to the mix.

Prior to signing up with NewsWatch, Avanca had no idea the amount that would be raised would be over $450,000. Now remember this amount is is just within a 30 day period. So if you do the adding, Avanca accomplished over 2,900% over there goal. The fact that NewsWatch advertises on television and not just online makes their company much more popular. Some audiences do not have computers, they still rely on television when it comes to finding out about new products, this is where NewsWatch comes in. 96 million households were reached, in over 200 markets via NewsWatch, which is remarkable. As for online, there were over 1 million impressions.

Saygus is a smartphone manufacturer, who also needed a boost in advertising. NewsWatch came to their aid, by strategically airing the interview in Barcelona during the World Congress, which gave the segment, that much more drive.

Saygus successfully raised over $1.3 million, after setting a goal of $300,000. After a great experience and lots of online views, Tim Rush, vice president of Saygus, highly recommends NewsWatch.