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Igor Cornelsen Offers Sound Investment Advice

February 23, 2019 by Posted in: Business Expert

Igor Cornelsen possesses lots of knowledge about the finance sector. He hails from Brazil, and he has gained popularity over the years for providing people with sound investment advice. As an alumnus of the Federal University of Parana, Igor Cornelsen is proud to have studied engineering. Despite not completing his degree in engineering, he was able to shift to economics. While studying engineering, Igor Cornelsen got to know more about how to calculate compounded interest rates. Since his first job entailed working as an investment banker, the knowledge that he possessed came in handy. Financial institutions such as Multibanco benefited significantly from the services offered by Igor Cornelsen.

Since Igor Cornelsen was ambitious, he rose up the ranks, and he occupied the highest office present at Multibanco before the Bank of America acquired the financial institution. Throughout the period when he was employed, Igor Cornelsen garnered lots of useful skills in relation to the finance sector. He also worked at the Libra Bank PLC as well as Unibanco. For the past four decades, Igor Cornelsen has also played a key role in helping most Brazilians to increase their wealth.

Igor Cornelsen amassed a huge success rate since he was knowledgeable about the Brazilian stock market. His tenure at the various financial institutions also came in handy. By offering investment advice, Igor Cornelsen has helped numerous businesses to expand exponentially. He is also the founder of Bainbridge Inc., a prominent investment firm in Brazil. Despite being semi-retired, Igor Cornelsen is fond of offering investment strategies that have been instrumental in ensuring that people are able to make sane financial decisions. Most of the investment advice that he offers revolves around the stock market. As a long-term investor, Igor Cornelsen is geared towards ensuring that he is able to earn passive income that will come in handy during his retirement period.