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Fountain House’s Jeremy Goldstein Invites Dozens Of Guests To a Dinner Party

August 21, 2018 by Posted in: Law

Getting an initiation to a dinner party is one thing and participating in it is quite the other. Many who were invited to a Fountain House dinner party that took place on May 22, 2018, were thrilled to learn many things, which they would not learn otherwise. Jeremy Goldstein organized this party alongside his fellow board members at the foundation. The aim was to create awareness as well as raise funds to support the NGO that deals with the mentally challenged members.




It wasn’t just an ordinary party but one that is filled with delicacies that were prepared by award-winning chefs. What is more, guests were treated to high-end Chateau Latour wine. It is not easy to find this kind of wine in ordinary dinner parties. This tells you the kind of dinner party Jeremy Goldstein organized.




The Aim




Jeremy Goldstein explains the aim of organizing such a party, “There’re three main reasons why we at the Fountain House decided to host such a huge event. One is to celebrate our achievement. Since it was started in 1944, the Fountain House has been able to transform lives of thousands of mentally challenged members. The second reason is that we want to appreciate the well-wishers. We want to show them our heartfelt appreciation for their endearing support of the organization. Thirdly, it is to raise funds for the organization. As you can see, so many programs are currently going on. These programs need some form of funding. Everything from this party tonight will be put into proper use in support of the needy members.”




Of course, Jeremy Goldstein wasn’t alone when organizing the may 22, 2018 dinner party. He was with fellow board members who included Omar Khan and Jim Finkel. The three have the same view that mentally challenged people have a fulfilling life to live and that if empowered through various programs availed at the Fountain house, they will be important members of the society.




Since its start in 1944, the Fountain House hasn’t relented in its bid to use whatever resources within its disposal to empower its members who are mentally challenged. Today, the Fountain House has been able to help 42 percent of its members to do everything that others are able to do.


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