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Davos Financial Group Develops a Mobile Application to Monitor Returns on Investments

December 9, 2016 by Posted in: Business News

On the 22nd of June 2016, Davos Real Estate Group released a press statement announcing the introduction of its mobile application. They availed the new mobile application with the aim of helping their customers. The application gave an estimate of the returns an investor expected from an investment done on a real estate property.


Davos Real Estate Group is among the independent companies forming the Davos Financial Group. This Financial Group offers comprehensive financial advice to its clients. It has for decades, held the biggest market share in the Latin American Market. It deals in formulating business strategies that meet the desires of their client base. The company combines premium products within the regulatory framework and uses the expertise of its committed and experienced professional team to come up with customized solutions that meet every client needs.


The mobile application was developed by Tecknolution, and for the last six months, Gerard Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the company spearheaded its design and development. The application runs like a calculator and estimates the gain from an investment. The profit is calculated taking into consideration the expenses associated with the property. The mobile application has been developed considering the different operating system. It is available for Android and iPhone systems. The company also said that this mobile app was just the beginning of a series of applications to be launched later.


David Osio said that the origin of the application was in line with their business objectives. He stated that there was absolute need to develop a mobile application that would act as a guide and allow the company to assist in guiding its clients financially. The application is only viable to client investing in the real estate industry and are based in the United States of America. The application gives investors a much clearer financial vision when deciding to purchase a property.


The application also allows the clients to estimate their Mortgage based on the banks’ projections. It is one of the projects aimed at helping the company to provide excellent services to its customers.


David J. Osio is the founder and president of Financial Advisory Group. He has geared his efforts towards the creation of a company that offers comprehensive financial services. Osio Graduated from the Catholic University of Andres Bello, Venezuela. There he studied International Baking. His career started in 1981 as the president of a coffee export program. He has held different roles in several organizations before founding Davos Financial Group of companies in 1993.

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