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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Cosmetic Surgeon Based in the United States

Dr. Jennifer Walden is involved with the corporate industry of plastic and cosmetic surgery. When an individual grows a piece of tree fruit, they are able to connect with nature. Growing fruit can be an easy and fun experience. Many individuals love fruit. When fruit is grown on a tree, the tree benefits from the […]

Neurocore Offers Customized Training Programs for the Brain

Neurocore is one of the leading companies in the field of brain training and has developed some of the highly innovative brain training programs that help people improve their memory and brain functions. The brain of the people these days get suffocated and jammed due to many physical, mental and other external factors, but the […]

A Big Leap Forward For Commerce: Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu is a man who changed the world of e-commerce forever, He originally started his business in 1998. He then saw how popular the internet had become and created JD.Com in 2003. That was how one of the worlds largest retailers came to be. It is currently the largest e-retailer in China. The site […]

Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Capital, on How to Spot Burnout in Employees

Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Capital, on How to Spot Burnout in Employees Anyone working in investment and finance knows what a demanding workload can look like, and how many people can succumb to that kind of pressure. Paul Saunders, Founder, Principal, and Portfolio Manager for James River Capital knows better than most what […]

A Changing Lifestyle Brings New Success To The Career Of Rebel Wilson

The career of Australian Actress and comedian, Rebel Wilson has seen her carve out a number of memorable roles from “Pitch Perfect” to “Bridesmaids” and “How to be Single.” The rise of Wilson has been dramatic in Hollywood after she made her mark in just her fourth film, “Bridesmaids” as the character of Brynn alongside […]

Benefits of Choosing the Neurocore Approach

With a lot of people making use of the Neurocore approach, it is no wonder that this particular program has been used by people of varying needs. One of the most important things to remember right now is that you need to utilize what the Neurocore program has for you and you will want to […]

The Residential Plans of Agera Energy

Agera Energy is an independent retail energy company that majors in the supply of electricity and natural gas. It was found in 2014, and mainly offers its services to Texas residents and 14 other state inclusive of Washington DC. Agera Energy provides fixed-rate at different contract durations for its residential customers. The standard fixed-rate offers […]

Igor Cornelsen Offers Sound Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen possesses lots of knowledge about the finance sector. He hails from Brazil, and he has gained popularity over the years for providing people with sound investment advice. As an alumnus of the Federal University of Parana, Igor Cornelsen is proud to have studied engineering. Despite not completing his degree in engineering, he was […]

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: The Successful Dallas Based Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an experienced plastic surgeon as well as a partner serving at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute; a practice that’s prominent for offering services in gluteal augmentation, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift. Sameer specializes in various cosmetic procedures. When he’s out of the office, he addresses masses of individuals at conferences […]

Gustavo Martinez Talks About His Experiences As A Marketing And Advertising Consultant

Gustavo Martinez has seen the marketing and advertising industry evolve in 35 years, serving a lot of high-end marketing organizations. He served on executive positions in marketing firms such as the J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, McCann Worldgroup, Olgilvy, and Mather. He also worked at Henkel and Price Waterhouse. On his interview at, Martinez answered […]