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Robert Ivy Giving Insights on The Importance of Proffessional Associations

October 22, 2018 by Posted in: ArchitectCEO

There are numerous tremendous benefits in one belonging to a professional association. Professional organizations act as industry regulators and offer individuals learning opportunities that even schools and on job training could not provide. According to reports from the American Society of Association Executives there exist more than 92000 professional and trade association in the United States. Many people do not know the difference between a trade organization and a professional association. The main difference between the two is that while trade associations attract companies as members, professional associations members comprise of individual workers.

One person who has an in-depth knowledge of how associations operate and the benefits they offer to members is none other than Robert Ivy. Ivy serves at the leadership of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy is the association’s Executive Vice President and also the CEO. Ivy assumed the position of AIA CEO in the year 2011. Ivy an alumnus of Tulane University and Sewanee: The University of the South has a Masters of Architecture and Bachelor of Arts Degree in English acquired from the two respective universities. Follow him on Twitter


Robert Ivy Began his career journey in 1996 working as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. Ivy later moved to McGraw Hill Construction Media where he served as Vice President as well as the Editorial Director. Robert Ivy in his longtime career has won several prestigious awards. In the year 2009 Ivy was honored with the Crain Award that is regarded as the highest award in the business media industry. Ivy in 1998 was awarded the McGraw Hill Award for being the best manager. Ivy in 2010 received the highest honor in the architectural fraternity, he was voted as a Master Architect. Read more on

According to Robert Ivy some of the benefits of belonging to a professional association include lobbying for industry interests. Unlike trade associations that mainly lobby for political interests, professional associations try to sway policymakers to create policies that will benefit the industry players. Ivy gives a practical example where Architects despite their small numbers were able to affect the tax legislation through their strong advocacy organization. Other benefits professional associations provide to members include networking opportunities and earning credibility. It is easier to gain credibility when one is a member of a professional organization as associations have specific values that members should adhere to and are held accountable.