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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Randy Hildebrandt and USHEALTH Group

  Randy Hildebrandt’s story is inspiring to anyone who has thought about giving up on finding the perfect career. Despite having to deal with injury and setbacks, Randy was determined to pick himself up and keep trying. Before he ever considered taking a leadership role with one of the best companies in the country, Randy […]

Ushealth Advisors Takes The Lead In BBB

  There are many insurance companies across the United States, but none is more accommodating and affordable as the USHEALTH Advisors. This is a marketing subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group- one of the largest health insurance companies, across the United States. The USHEALTH Advisors collaborates with other stakeholders like the Freedom Life Insurance Company. For […]

Securus Technologies Takes Over JPay

JPay Acquisition by Securus Technologies   JPay Incorporated and Securus have signed a stock purchase agreement that will see JPay taken over by Securus. Securus Chief Executive officer has termed the purchase as a way of getting the corrections technology solution provider into the industry’s fastest-growing segment. The segment includes the provision of tablets and […]

Thriving With USHEALTH Group

There are many diverse career paths accessible to people nowadays. There are an abundance of fields that require qualified, hard-working and efficient professionals who aim to please. The medical care industry is one major example. If you wish to reap the benefits of a vocation that’s satisfying and rewarding at the same time, you may […]